ADACEL (Steps 3-5 Draft)

Hello everyone!

Please find below my draft for steps 3-5, and my annual reports for my firm. Feel free to provide feedback 🙂

Steps 3-6 Draft


2016 Annual Report 

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report




My Top 3 Blogs

Danielle: Be Audit You Can Be

Dani’s commitment and dedication to this unit is something I admire and strive to resemble. She is always posting on her blog, whether this is her draft or ways to help the rest of us (i.e. the step 3 checklist). Additionally, her analysis of her firm is quite thorough, she has really developed a deep understanding of her firm, I mean she is so up-to-date with her company that she even commented on how Cyclone Debbie is going to impact her firm! Keep up the amazing work Dani, you are setting the bar quite high and definitely an inspirations for the rest of us to strive for!

Dani’s Blog: https://daniellecqu.wordpress.com

Amie: Spreading the Numbers

Amie’s blog set up is very clean, professional and makes I quite easy for the reader to easily navigate through her different posts. Furthermore, her writing flows nicely and is also personal which gives a great reader – writer relationship. Likewise, she also provides an in-depth analysis of her company like Dani and again her dedication is admirable.

Amie’s Blog: https://spreadingthenumbers.wordpress.com

Sarah: Sarah Z’s Blog

My final blog in my top 3 is Sarah Zillmann’s, her blog is a perfect combination of professional, personal and informative. She has made her blog a reflection of her journey throughout this unit, from not only just simply posting the steps for each part of her assignment (like most of us), but adds posts about her personal life and her own thoughts and concerns. Again, she gives an amazing reader-writer connection, and when reading her blog you feel as though you have been friends with her for ages, not just a fellow peer.

Sarah’s Blog: https://sarahzillmann.wordpress.com

Overall, these blogs are exceptional and setting the bar high for the rest of us! Keep it up everyone!